Information about the LANforge System: vm-7167

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Plug the management (MGT) port into your lab network. It is configured to use DHCP and is reconfigurable. If the unit is powered up without the MGT port plugged into a network serving DHCP, the IP address will default to

A LANforge GUI manages the LANforge system and can be installed on a separate PC or run on the LANforge system desktop via VNC or Remote Desktop.

Connecting a browser to the IP address of the unit, e.g., gives download access to the Windows and Linux versions of the LANforge GUI for installation and links to documentation.

A PC running the GUI on the same subnet as the MGT port can discover the LANforge system and other systems. Click 'Discover' in the GUI connection widget and it should populate the drop-down box for easy connecting, otherwise, enter the IP address of the LANforge system.

Alternative means of accessing a LANforge system include:
- Connect a browser to port 5801, e.g., for unit management with a RealVNC JAVA applet client.
- Connect a VNC client to port 5901 or display :1, e.g. or with the VNC password 'lanforge' in both cases.
- Connect a Remote Desktop client to management interface, e.g., user and password lanforge.
- Access to the system over serial console, COM1 with serial port settings of: 115200 8 N 1

User 'lanforge' is the preferred login. The LANforge servers start automatically when the machine starts.

Additional full documentation, including user and install guides, is available at, and in the LANforge GUI install directory under the html directory.

For support or questions, please send email to and/or call us at: +1 360 380 1618.

Thank You, Candela Support Team!

April 28, 2024: Fedora 36, 64 bit installed and updated and LANforge 5.4.7 installed and configured.