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You don’t need me to tell you that an Author Platform is a must

Why settle for a Platform, though, when you can have a House?

How To Build An Author House PicThis is what the How To Build An Author House Series offers. It’s 5 Free Ebooks covering every aspect you’ll come across. It’s not a bunch of jargon and technical nonsense, it’s a guide that showcases the bigger picture. The publishing world is evolving fast so it’s time to get on board. Give your book the respect it deserves!

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I read great content regarding Author Platforms every day. However, the bigger picture is rarely looked and that’s why I created this series. It considers who you are, who your reader is, and how you can choose the right tools to target them. Are you ready to create an Author House?

Book 1 = The Foundations

Book 2 = The Walls & Floor

Book 3 = The Windows & Door

Book 4 = The Furniture

Book 5 = The Roof & Chimney

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