The Danger of Doing Too Much: with Chris Brogan

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS:                                          ..... WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) I remember the day I decided to write The Successful Mistake, and how I created a list of people I'd love to interview. Chris Brogan sat atop this list, and after overcoming a few nerves, I reached out to him with open arms. He said yes to me, because he's awesome, and my-oh-my am I glad he did. As one of the web's major powerhouses, you may assume Chris is unbreakable, but you'd be wrong. He's made mistakes in the past, and will in the future. He's a human, like me. Like you. He's one of us. He just so happens … Read More »

14 Free Platforms To Share Your Short Stories Online

In recent weeks, I've spoken a lot about writing short stories, because I believe in the many benefits they posses. All this is fine, except, where do you share your short stories online? You're after readers, after all, yes? You desire feedback and an audience and a platform to showcase your skills. Well, lucky for you, there are many places to share your short stories online. You've no doubt heard of some, used others, and exist on certain platforms where you may or may not be taking advantage of them. In this post, I wish to showcase a selection of these platforms, why they're good for a writer like you, and how you can use them in super efficient ways. Oh yes indeed, there's an entire … Read More »

Scale Your Idea Before You Create It: with Pamela Slim

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS:                                          ..... WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) Some people provide a certain bounce and energy to get you through the day, and Pamela Slim is one of them. The wonderful woman who helps, inspires, and teaches people to escape the cubicle and embrace a life they're destined for, I just had to get her involved in The Successful Mistake. I'm sure you've heard of Pam and her wise advice, and I'm sure you've read her work, listened to her podcast, and graced her site. If not, listen to this wonderful session, and click the damn links below. You need her in your … Read More »

Suffering With Writer’s Block? Start Writing Short Stories

Oh dear, you sit down at your laptop with the intention to write thousands of words, only to stare at the damn thing as the blank screen taunts the living daylights out of you. Writer's Block... we all know of it, and to some degree, suffer with it - be it for an afternoon... a week... longer... although I choose to see it as a myth us writer's make up to justify our fear and stilted ways. Either way, it's a horrible suffering, and when times are tough, I often turn to writing short stories in a bid to kickstart my creativity. You may associate writing short stories with literary magazines and anthologies, but I choose to take a different viewpoint. Oh yes, writing short stories has saved … Read More »

Project Management – The Secret Sauce To Cesar’s Success: with Cesar Abeid

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS:                                          ..... WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) When I began The Successful Mistake, I was excited to interview people from all walks of life. As someone who travelled from one culture to another, set up shop, and found his passion, Cesar Abeid is the kind of guy I'm delighted to know. It takes a while to figure out life, and what it is you want from it. Cesar spent years existing, rather than thriving. Then, one day, he discovered Project Management, and he's never looked back. A true story built around true callings. Enjoy, you lucky … Read More »

How Very Short Stories Helped Me Write 3 Novels

You may not think very short stories aid in the writing of a complete novel, but they've helped me write three books over the last three years. In my previous post, I mentioned very short stories, and how they not only help develop your characters and novel, but lead to new ideas and opportunities. In today's offering, I wish to elaborate on this, and explain how and why I do it. You see, a lot of people (maybe you're one of them) consider short stories as those things that appear in literary magazines. You have a little idea, write a very short story about it, and submit it in the hope it'll pay $50. Well, yes, you can submit very short stories to such places, and if you own a very short … Read More »