How To Non-Conform By Listening To Yourself: with Isla Wilson

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS:                                          ..... WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) A friend of mine recommended I get in touch with Isla Wilson, as she thought she'd be perfect for The Successful Mistake. So I did, and my friend was right, as Isla is the exact type of person I LOVE to connect with. Smart, bubbly, and with a modern approach, she helps business grow and move forward, rather than cling to the past. When it comes to connecting with entrepreneurs, I like those who embrace NOW, and I'm sure you do, too. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to this wacky individual, for … Read More »

20 Writing Prompts To Kick Your Storytelling Up the Butt & Bring Peace On Planet Earth

We all need writing prompts to kick our storytelling into gear from time-to-time. Last week I shared a few tips to BEAT WRITER'S BLOCK, and this post is a nice addition to your storytelling arsenal. After all, writing is a wonderful craft, but it sure does test your patience every now and again. I can't say I use writing prompts all of the time, but when my storytelling begins to suffer, I like to escape a project and dive head first into something new. For instance, I'm currently writing my latest novel, I UNLOVE YOU, and although it's a story I can't wait to share with the world, it's been an arduous process so far. At times, I've had to escape this book, and allow my creative juices to … Read More »

How Jeff Bullas Turned To Blogging And Turned His Life Around: with Jeff Bullas

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS:                                          WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) When you start a new blog and online business, there are certain people you flock towards. They've been there and done it, know the ropes, and have LOTS of amazing info to share. Jeff Bullas is one of these cool kids, and involving him in The Successful Mistake made my day. From the lovely land of Australia, Jeff has many stories to share, but on this occasion he delves into his #GreatMistake, and how he turned it around. This is the kind of talk where you need a pen and paper to make lots of notes, and to prepare … Read More »

When You Run Out Of Writing Ideas, Do These 5 Things

Writing is amazing. Writing is hard. At times, writing is both amazing and hard all in the same moment. As someone who notes down writing ideas day-after-day (fiction, non-fiction, blogging, how-to guides...), I forever flutter on the line of inspiration and keyboard-glaring. If you're a fellow pen scratcher, I'm sure you know my pain... and glory... and wonder. You know, the wonder of writing and sharing your heart and soul with the world. When I say to people, "I'm a writer," I smile and feel rather lucky indeed. I mean, we are lucky, aren't we? We get to write books and articles and posts, and although the craft can sometimes be relentless, I hope I always enjoy a sense of fortune for … Read More »

What To Do When Your Site Crashes After Going Viral: with Jaime Tardy

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS:                                          .... WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) When I first found Jaime Tardy and her amazing website, I scoured it in the knowledge I'd find loads of amazing people to interview for The Successful Mistake. Well, I did, but here's the thing... I quickly knew I HAD to involve Jaime, too, for she's an entrepreneur with a great deal of amazingness to share! As someone with over 100 millionaire interviews under her belt, Jaime's seen it all. She's lived a great deal on her own terms, though, and I'm delighted to share her wisdom and mistake on this very page. … Read More »

Turndog’s Monthly Income Report (July 2014)

In the beginning of 2014, I decided to do something rather scary... BE TRANSPARENT & HONEST. I want to be an open book, but I'm scared. WHY? Because I'm still at the beginning of my journey, and the numbers are pitiful, and the failures often and obvious. Below are the numbers, the finances, the projects, my health, and stats from JULY 2014. This is a snapshot of what it's like to be a self published author. A new entrepreneur. An average guy still finding his way. It isn't designed to scare, nor glorify, merely provide the truth of right now. For all my other Monthly Income Reports, Click Here. _________ Many of the links in this post are affiliate ones, directing you to the … Read More »