Visual Storytelling: How Pinterest and Instagram Help You Tell Your Story

I goddam LOVE Visual Storytelling. When I come across a brand or website or book that uses it to good effect, I get all jelly-legged and excited. It makes me sad that I can't draw for shit, and that my design skills are subpar at best. Thankfully, for the untalented like me, several sites and tools aid in visual storytelling, and if you want to tell your story, I suggest you use them RIGHT NOW. In last week's post, we discussed The Art of The Start - and this post follows on nicely. ARE YOU READY TO KICK YOUR VISUAL STORYTELLING INTO THE FUTURE? I'm glad you're ready, as the future waits for no lad or lass. However, I'm not here to showcase my visual storytelling skills, or … Read More »

Conform To Yourself, Not Everyone Else: with Marianne Cantwell

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS:                                          ..... WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) I came across Marianne Cantwell through the lovely Natalie Sisson, and seen as I had a Kiwi involved in The Successful Mistake, I figured it only fair to grab an Aussie, too. Well, I sure am glad I did, for Marianne offers an insight that's about to blow you away. Nodding my head throughout, I understand her woes, for I lived them, too. I bet you have, also, and are possibly living them right now. It's stories like these that pick me up and urge me to keep pushing forward, and I hope it has a similar effect on … Read More »

Turndog’s Monthly Income Report (August 2014)

In the beginning of 2014, I decided to do something rather scary... BE TRANSPARENT & HONEST. I want to be an open book, but I'm scared. WHY? Because I'm still at the beginning of my journey, and the numbers are pitiful, and the failures often and obvious. Below are the numbers, the finances, the projects, my health, and stats from AUGUST 2014. This is a snapshot of what it's like to be a self published author. A new entrepreneur. An average guy still finding his way. It isn't designed to scare, nor glorify, merely provide the truth of right now. For all my other Monthly Income Reports, Click Here. _________ Many of the links in this post are affiliate ones, directing you to the … Read More »

How To Prepare Yourself For Viral Fame and TV Celebrity: with Ross Kemp

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS:                                          ..... WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) A couple of people pointed me towards Ross Kemp, each saying how I HAD to interview him for The Successful Mistake. Well, once a few people sing a guy's praises like that, it's rude not to listen. So, I reached out to Ross, and boy-oh-boy am I glad I did. As the inventor of the ASAP Watercraft, Ross has caught the eye of investors, and mega-entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson and Richard Reed. Discussing his #GreatMistake, Ross delves deep into an exciting time in his life, yet one thwart with danger. There's … Read More »

How To Tell Your Story: The Art Of The Start

So, you want to tell your story, do you? Good news indeed, because in a world full of imitations, your story is one of the true unique things you own. But how to tell a story? Is there a list or a template to follow? Not exactly, but as someone who embraces the world of storytelling, I have one or two tricks up my sleeve. But, before you can tell your story, you must first start it. Sometimes this is easy, but starting something new is often riddled with issue. However, no matter what the story is, I always approach the start in the same way. Whether it's Fiction or Non-Fiction, Client Work or My Website, or Speaking, Filmmaking, or anything else, the art of the start remains the … Read More »

Hire The People You Want Rather Than Those You Need: with Rameet Chawla

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS:                                          ..... WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) Sometimes you wander around the web, and stumble across something cool and sleek. That's what happened to me, and as soon as I spotted Rameet Chawla, and his company, Fueled, I said, "I need me some of that!" And so, I got in touch and asked Rameet to be part of The Successful Mistake. I'm glad I did, too, for this is an interview I love. Hiring people is tricky business, and I've heard many stories about it going wrong. Well. Rameet's is one of the finest I've come across, and I'm delighted to share it with … Read More »