Why I’m Hacking My Health In Order To Understand My Story Better

When I wrote the SCARIEST BLOG POST OF MY LIFE, I put a section in it called Health & Well Being. When it comes to My Story, the food I eat, the exercise I do, my weight and water in-take and sleep play a vital part in who I am. After all, as a writer, entrepreneur, and general misfit storyteller, my energy levels dictate what I can do. Your own energy levels dictate what you can do, too. We try to do so much, and one of the first things we negate is our health. Just repeat this sentence back to yourself and consider how crazy it is. When we get stressed and tired and worn down, we decide to sleep less, eat fast food, and sit in front of a computer all day. ARE WE INSANE?!? I … Read More »

How To Overcome Business Failure With Memorable Relationships & A Passionate Outlook: with Dan Miller

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS TO EACH SESSION:                                              WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) Dan Miller is the kind of guy with hundreds of stories to share. As such, he's the sort of person I love to chat to. He's been there and done it, seen success and failure, and diversified his skillets and walked down rather unknown paths. When it came to The Successful Mistake, he's a guy I HAD to interview! In one of the more powerful interviews I've done, we look at when Dan lost it all. A brutal period in his life, he shows there's always a way back to the top - so long as you set your … Read More »

You Call What You Do Email? Pshhh, This Is How You Email Like A Digital Storytelling Minx

Email is a huge component of my story, and I'm guessing it's a big part of your digital storytelling ways, too. In fact, head to your 'Sent Folder' right now, and highlight all the emails you've sent in the last month. Did you gape a little like I did two minutes ago? In the past two weeks, I've sent 227 Personal Emails, which doesn't take into account my Weekly Wednesday Email of Whimsey. I don't like phone calls. I'm awkward over the phone, so email is a large part of my daily day and my story, and in this post I share the tools I use to stay on top and ensure I waste as little time as possible. However, before we begin, many of the links below are affiliates, which means I earn a small … Read More »

Regain Your Passion After Daily Tedium Steals It Away: with Claud Williams

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS TO EACH SESSION:                                              WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) When I began The Successful Mistake, I looked forward to the inevitable snowball effect. You know, when one person introduces you to another, and then another, and then another... Well, I met Claud Williams through such circumstances, and he's blown me away with his style and approach to life ever since. He's talented with a camera in hand, but his vision dwarfs this. Through Dream Nation, he's making greatness happen, and I cannot wait to see his journey unravel. As we discussed his Great … Read More »

Turndog’s Monthly Income Report (June 2014)

In the beginning of 2014, I decided to do something rather scary... BE TRANSPARENT & HONEST. I want to be an open book, but I'm scared. WHY? Because I'm still at the beginning of my journey, and the numbers are pitiful, and the failures often and obvious. Below are the numbers, the finances, the projects, my health, and stats from JUNE 2014. This is a snapshot of what it's like to be a self published author. A new entrepreneur. An average guy still finding his way. It isn't designed to scare, nor glorify, merely provide the truth of right now. For all my other Monthly Income Reports, Click Here. _________ Many of the links in this post are affiliate ones, directing you to the … Read More »

Learn To Control Your Self Confidence When Starting a New Business: with Jennifer Gresham

SUBSCRIBE FOR EARLY ACCESS TO EACH SESSION:                                              WATCH ME... ...OR LISTEN TO ME OR DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES HERE ~~ DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE ;) I can't say I've interviewed too many doctor-scientists in my time, but on this occasion for The Successful Mistake, I did. Jennifer Gresham is much more than this though, these days helping people reinvent their careers, and discover their true passion. After all, who better to offer a true insight into your mind, than someone who is super smart?!? Talking about her Great Mistake, we go back to the early days of her entrepreneurial world. After great success in other aspects of life, Jen still … Read More »