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Toward the end of 2012 I began thinking about my new website and how I could better package everything I do under a single entity. I knew Storytelling played a part, but how? How could I describe this with proficient simplicity?

I can’t remember how it happened, but as soon as Nomadic Storytelling popped into my head I knew I’d found my meaning. I love the idea of nomadic living, and although I myself am no Nomad (I’m stationed in Halifax with my son) my stories certainly are.

  • I write Fiction
  • I write Non-Fiction
  • I Speak
  • I do workshops
  • I Consult others
  • I Blog
  • I drink coffee and talk about it all of the time

So when I say Nomadic Storytelling I don’t mean that I (Turndog…Matthew Turner…the guy writing right now) is a Nomad, rather the manner in how stories are Discovered, Created & Shared.





Stories Have No Home

We’re all connected by stories. They’re one of the first things we do with our precious little ones (reading fairytales as they drift to sleep), and if you think back far enough they’re among our earliest memories (with Mum and Dad, Grandpa and Nana, friends around campfires…)

It’s not always a book that tells the tale. Sometimes it’s a movie or song or ancient myth. We’re all connected by stories, and unlike much in this life, we’re not bitter about it. We hold a special place in our heart’s for a good story, and that’s why they’re important: because today there’s so much chaos and noise it’s easy to lose focus and drown in the craziness.

When everything seems to look the same and do the same and be the same, Storytelling offers a unique loveliness. I myself am a writer, but a story doesn’t require the written word. I share My Own Story through Video and Infographics and Images. There are no rules! A Story has no home, only the right home perfect for YOU.


Stories have no home, only the right home for that particular tale. It’s about Discovering Who you are and What you’re about and crafting a tale around the right media. If it involves text, great, but if it involves Video or Audio, that’s great too.


It’s Your Story – You Make The Rules

The craft of Great Storytelling is no easy feat to master, and whether it’s an epic novel or an amazing presentation, Storytelling follows certain rules, structure, and guidance. HOWEVER, that’s not to say you have to stick to the same methods as everybody else. If you’re in an industry where nobody uses Video to showcase who they are, but you think it’s perfect for you, BREAK THE RULES!

Nomadic Storytelling is about Discovering, Creating & Sharing Your One True Tale.

We’re lucky to live in a socially connected world and even more so to share our love of storytelling. Sign Up for the FREE Storytelling Starter Kit and join hundreds of storytellers changing the world – 3 Ebooks, 1 Video & a Weekly Newsletter – all for FREE



About Matthew Turner

My name is Matthew Turner and I'm a Storyteller. I love to Write, Read & Drink Coffee, and this website is dedicated to my Storytelling Passion. It's all about Discovering, Creating & Sharing Your One True Tale. Unearth my own HERE


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