Introducing The Beyond Parallel Book Cover

In a little over a month, Beyond Parallel will be available for the world to read. Exciting/terrifying comes to mind :)

I take a step closer today with the Beyond Parallel Book Cover:

Beyond Parallel 3D Left

I would love to hear your comments below, and if you do like what you see (and would like to help me share the love) please pass this around your friends.

I’ve uploaded it to my Facebook Page so please like & share. 

Of course, any way you want to share it is fine by me :)

That’s it for today, a short and sweet post launching my Book cover. I will be releasing videos and trailers later this week, though, so please Sign-Up to the Beyond Parallel Mailing List or Subscribe to my Facebook Page. I will be offering these places an exclusive sneak peak.

Much love,

Turndog Millionaire – @turndog_million


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